Success Stories

Kind Words from Happy Clients!

My body mass index was greatly improved and I’m really proud of that. But most importantly, I feel better. I’m in a lot better shape than I have been probably in the last 20 years!
— Steve H., Waterloo
…a wealth of knowledge from the physical fitness aspect and the nutrition aspect. We’ve both gained quite a bit of muscle mass and lost a lot of fat as well.
— Brian & Janelle W., West Omaha
There are three words I’ve despised all my life; exercise, gym and trainer. I’ve been working with Kennedy Fitness now for 3 years. It’s so cool to go places and people say “Boy it looks like you’ve lost weight!” or “Are you working out?” and I’m going, “Yeah, you know, I am.” But it has been totally with Kennedy Fitness that has helped me get here.
— MaryPat H., Waterloo
About two years ago, I had to have a knee replacement, followed rather shortly by open heart surgery. My goals, quite simply, were to retain the strength that I had, and to better my balance. My strength increased between 50-100%, so I’m very pleased.
— Pat M., Elkhorn
I’ve always thought of myself as a girl with fat thighs, and now I’m seeing real definition in my thighs. I’m really happy with the results and I’d recommend them to anyone!
— Gaynor K., West Omaha
I am now stronger than I have ever been in my life.
— Tess K., West Omaha
I came to Kennedy Fitness about two years ago wanting to lose about 15 lbs and tone up. Within the first six to eight weeks I dropped 3 inches off my waist and the lbs started coming off!
— Darlene S., West Omaha
I’ve learned so much about exercise and different ways to do exercise. I’ve done lots of things that I never thought I’d be able to do. And I’ve made a lot more progress, in the time that I’ve worked with him, than I ever could have imagined!
— Jackie D., Omaha
Robert reminds me of an artist, because each client is a new canvas, and he devises an individualized program for each person to achieve their goals. In my opinion Kennedy Fitness is the gold standard, set for trainers.
— Mary N., West Omaha
Extremely happy…that’s probably an understatement!
— Mike I., Waterloo
So far I’ve lost 8 lbs., 5.5% body-fat, and a little over 9.25″ total…I’ve lost over 2.5″ in my hips, and a little over 1″ on each thigh. Finally I can wear those skinny jeans that I’ve wanted to wear for so long!
— Melanie J., Omaha
I’ve lost about 45 or 50 lbs since December…they have so many different trainers that come from so many different backgrounds, that they can help you, just like they helped me.”
— Nathaniel O., West Omaha
Only a few months ago, I thought it would be impossible to look the way I do today.
— Carlton E., Omaha
I was amazed at how much knowledge they had about fitness and nutrition. They not only worked with me in the gym, helping me learn new techniques to tone up and lose weight but they also helped me learn how to incorporate a healthier diet into my new lifestyle. I could not be happier with my results!
— Sarah M., Omaha
My wedding was coming up and I wasn’t feeling the way I wanted to feel in my wedding dress. It turned out really great! I felt great in my wedding dress, I met all my goals, and I plan to keep working with Kennedy Fitness to work on my next fitness goal.
— Stephanie B., West Omaha
I’d gone back to the gym, started working out and immediately lost 10 lbs on my own, but I had reached a plateau. We went over my fitness goals, my current level of fitness, and developed a plan. At that time I was about 28% body-fat and within probably about 6 months, I’d dropped down to 10%, which is about where I’m at now.
— Stefanie L., West Omaha
I’ve been working out with Robert and Kennedy Fitness for over 5 years now. 5 years is a long time, and I will continue to see Robert because I know he really, truly, does care about me.
— Abby T., Elkhorn
We’ve been working with Kennedy Fitness for three months and have absolutely loved the experience! We’re both seeing results, both in inches lost and in pounds.
— Joe & Victoria K., Omaha
I was a personal trainer for many years in the past, and I was blown away by the programs that Robert created for me!
— Kathy F., Elkhorn
I think one of the most valuable parts of their program is their nutritional expertise. They’ve helped me understand the science behind what I eat.
— Jason H., Lincoln
After training with Kennedy Fitness for the past several years, I am pleased to report that I am in better physical health than ever before.
— Ben T., Omaha
I’m in my second year with Kennedy Fitness, and I’ve never felt or looked’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself!
— Greg N., Omaha