MAY 2015 Newsletter

May Video Tip Clip:  TRX Bicycle

This month we’re pleased to introduce you to our newest trainer; Mr. Kail Walker!  In this tip clip, Robert instructs Kail how to target his hamstrings via a “bicycle” on the TRX suspension trainer.

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Monthly Spotlight


Through the course of training, we talk a lot about balanced diets and improving your balance, via core training.  What we don’t necessarily talk about as much; is finding balance in your life, as it pertains to all of your daily obligations to your friends, family, career…and frankly, to yourself!  Finding and setting aside time for each of these commitments is just as important as doing so for your diet and exercise routine.

For years I’ve made sure to impress upon my clients that there are 168 hours in a week, and if we only have two or three of those together, the other 165 or 166 is up to them.  Usually I’ve said this to drive home the point that they need to commit time to their cardio workouts, but today I wanted to specify that your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

If you don’t make your physical health a priority, nobody else will.  That being said though, sometimes taking a day off of work (and the gym) to be with your family, may be the best thing for your body and your mind!

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