MARCH 2015 Newsletter

March Video Tip Clip: Preventing Back Pain

It seems like everyone worries that they might injure their low back while shoveling snow during the winter.  While it is a valid concern (and many people do), it’s also quite common that folks “throw out their back” while gardening and working in their lawn during the summer, too!  Here’s three quick, easy exercises that can help you prevent these type of injuries.

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Monthly Spotlight

To Yolk, Or Not To Yolk?

For years we’ve been told that at 300mg of cholesterol per yolk, we could all but guarantee ourselves a heart attack, if we ate eggs every morning.  Now suddenly eggs have been all over the news these past few weeks, as the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has eased their suggested restrictions on both dietary fat and cholesterol.

While the pros and cons of fat and cholesterol have been (and will continue to be) debated among dietitians and physicians for years, there is no argument that egg whites are a first rate complete protein source.  While we won’t go so far as to actually tell you what to eat, we can tell you that eggs have been (and will continue to be) a consistent item on our breakfast menu, here in the Kennedy household!  Every morning, Robert consumes 4 egg whites and 1 whole egg, and Kristin consumes 1 egg white and 1 additional whole egg.  In the past, Robert would actually consume an average of 10 whites per day, while competing in NANBF bodybuilding contests!

So if you’re a bacon and eggs fan (And seriously, who isn’t?), we’d suggest you check with your Registered Dietitian or M.D., as you might just get the news you’ve been waiting for!  If in doubt though, substituting turkey bacon and discarding a few of the yolks, is usually a pretty effective way of reducing the total caloric impact of your breakfast.

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