JUNE 2015 Newsletter

June Video Tip Clip:  Turkey Tacos

This month we’re out of the gym, and in the kitchen to make one of our favorite high-protein, low fat, DELICIOUS meals; ground turkey tacos!  These are quick and simple to make; and with a whole wheat tortilla, low-fat cheese, lean turkey, low-sodium seasoning, and plenty of veggies…they’re just as good for you as they are yummy!

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Monthly Spotlight


It’s always intrigued me to see what inspires people.  One of my earliest inspirations was (and continues to be) fictional boxing champion; Rocky Balboa.  To this day, whenever I’m working out and my i-pod begins to play “Gonna Fly Now” or “Eye of the Tiger;” I can’t help digging just a bit deeper, and trying just a bit harder!  But my own inspirations don’t stop there.  Depending on the day and the situation, I often find inspiration in quotes from former President’s, from passages in the Bible…and even just in watching my wife or my son, doing what they do every day!

What inspires you?  There’s no right or wrong answer here.  If it’s a quote, make it your mantra.  If it’s a picture, make it the wallpaper on your phone and your computer.  If it’s a celebrity or historical figure, think about them when you need a boost.  If it’s someone that you know, let them know.  I bet it will make their day!

The bottom line is this:  You are capable of the most amazing things.  And when you’re inspired…I mean truly inspired…there is absolutely no way that you won’t succeed!

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