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July Video Tip Clip:  The Ultimate Crunch

It’s summer.  Everybody wants six pack abs at the pool or on the beach!  Of course this means dieting, cardio, and a lot of core work.  Planks are great, but we’ve highlighted them a few times in our tip clips, these past few years.  Crunches a good, but most of you already know how to do a standard crunch…so here’s my personal favorite variation!

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The difference between a dream and a goal is planning.  I have a dream of owning more than fifty, new and classic sports cars from around the globe.  I have a goal of purchasing a red, pre-owned Porsche by the time I’m 40.  To achieve my goal, I must work a certain number of hours per week, so that I may set aside a certain amount of money each month, to avoid having to finance the purchase that I plan to make within the next 6 years.

Goal setting as it pertains to your health and fitness is no different, and AT LEAST as important!  Over the past nearly 11 years and approximately 16,000 training appointments that I’ve serviced since becoming a Certified Personal Trainer; I’ve identified one specific demographic that consistently experiences OUTSTANDING results.  These clients that I’m referring to are young women who are engaged to be married.  They are almost always highly successful, and it’s always for the same three reasons:

1.  They have a specific deadline.
2.  They are highly motivated.
3.  They faithfully adhere to the multiple short-term goals that we lay out as a strategy to achieve their long-term goal.

There’s nothing wrong with having a dream, but actually attaining a goal is infinitely more gratifying.  If there’s something you really want, sit down with a pen and paper; write down the goal, then figure out a specific and realistic strategy to make it happen.  Goal setting is how dreams become reality!

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