FEBRUARY 2017 Newsletter

February Video Tip Clip:  Interval Options

This month we’re looking at how to maximize your fat loss while minimizing your time spent at the gym.  It’s a best of both worlds scenario that really, truly can be achieved…via interval training.  Intervals can be done with a wide variety of methods, but these are two of our favorites!

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Monthly Spotlight

Enhancing Fat Loss

Despite what you might expect, January is not our busiest month of the year.  Depending on the year, that designation typically is bestowed upon either February or March.  Yes, everyone resolves to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle each January, but typically they join the gym during the first couple weeks of January… then after 2-3 weeks, they seek assistance from a trainer.  This delay is why our February (and sometimes March) is actually our busiest time of the year.

So why the 2-3 week delay?  While reducing your body-fat level is simple in theory… it can be much more difficult in reality.  Consequently, after 2-3 weeks of struggling on their own, these folks then pick up the phone and schedule a consultation with one of our Certified Personal Trainers.  So what does the trainer do differently for the client than when they were on their own?  Accountability is big, as is teaching correct form, re-organizing of exercises, and of course we encourage better eating habits… but one of the biggest differences is often the inclusion of interval training!

Whether you choose to alternate between walking, jogging and sprinting on the treadmill; jumping rope; boxing; or perhaps cycling between the rowing machine and the stairmill; intervals that fluctuate between a comfortable pace, and nearly the most intense pace you’re able to sustain for even just a single minute, can be hugely beneficial!  And once you combine these types of intervals with weight training, you suddenly have a very potent workout that (in combination with good nutrition) is sure to melt away that excess jiggle from your middle!  

Yours in health,

Robert M. Kennedy
Founding Member, Owner


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