FEBRUARY 2015 Newsletter

February Video Tip Clip:  Adductor Issues

Last month we took a look at how to correct piriformis issues that caused your knees to move outward when squatting.  This month we look at how to correct the exact opposite problem!  If you’re knees buckle in toward each other as you squat, it’s likely due to tight adductors…and here’s how to fix that!


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Monthly Spotlight

The Tale of the Tape Vs. The Dumb Scale

 I can’t tell you how many clients have come to me over the years and said “I want to lose ____ pounds.”  I can say though, that probably 90% of the people that I’ve met with, have said that phrase on the first day we met!  Over the course of the roughly 12,000+ training appointments that I’ve personally serviced, I’ve seen some folks lose tremendous amounts of weight, while others have struggled for one reason or another.
What I’ve always tried to encourage though, is for all of our trainers and clients, to focus on the tape measure instead of the scale.  Your scale doesn’t know the difference between a 6’2″, 200 lb. football player with 10% body-fat, and their 5’2″, 200 lb. neighbor who’s body-fat makes up 40% of their total weight!  On the other hand, a 99 cent tape measure would quickly reveal the difference between the football players’ 33″ waist, and the neighbors’ 47″ waist.

Regardless of what your age, gender or goal is; try not to get too preoccupied with what your scale says…because it truly is dumb!  Your friends don’t see a number when they look at you, they see your shape.  If you’ve lost 5 lbs of fat, and offset those losses with 5 lbs of new muscle, your scale won’t show a change, but you’ll probably soon be receiving compliments of how trim you’re looking these days…and that’s a wonderful feeling!

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